2.5″ Hard drive price comparison

tl;dr:The most economic value in Gigs per dollar is the¬†TOSHIBA 1TB 2.5″ for $79.99 @ 12.5015627 GBs per $1 USD

I am in the market for 2.5″ SATA HDs, I have a server that insists that 2.5″ is the future, so that is what it holds. I wanted to know what was my best price per gig, so compiled below is a current (time of post) comparison with 2.5 SATA HDs found on Newegg.com. The reason for compiling this table was to determine the best value for space per dollar. Since most of these drives are 5.4k rpm, it is understood that the whole reason for these drives is simply storage. This makes many of the other speed factors become next to¬†negligible. I plan on populating a server with these small and cheep drives, and running in some form of RAID to help boost the performance a tad.

Storage (GB) Price $ (USD) 1 GB/$1 USD
160 48.99 3.265972647
250 49.99 5.0010002
320 49.99 6.401280256
500 59.99 8.334722454
640 69.99 9.144163452
750 59.99 12.50208368
750 69.99 10.71581655
1000 79.99 12.5015627
2000 189.99 10.52686984

You will notice that there is a 750 GB drive which has a better rating, the only reason for this is because it is refurbished, and has a limit to 5 per customer. Not exactly a standard product or pricing. Actual pricing starts at about $10 higher for the 750 GB models, which is also listed.