First, the excuse

Why has this blog remained in neglect?

  1. Living situation: all roomates have now been moved out!
  2. Employment change
  3. Much hardware etc changes to catch up with.

To elaborate a little bit more:

Point number 1 : When I first got my house, I figured it would be a good idea to have roomates. They pay me, I get rich! Oh was I wrong. Crossed between late rent, lies, and disrespect this experience has left me with nothing more than a new understanding. Roomates suck. I am now free. I have some cleaning up to do, but free nonetheless.

Point number 2 : For the first time in my professional career I have transitioned to a new employer. I quit my job at Johnson Center for Simulation, and started working at Clockwork Active Media Systems. The several weeks before the transition was wrought with interviews, prep work, transition prep. Additionally the several weeks following (going on 3 weeks now) has been all about learning-curves and adjusting, oh and producing.

Poing number 3 : Work has issued me a MacBook Pro Retina. I am not a Mac person, never was. It was one of my least favorite mainstream OSs. Since using it it has definitely traded places with Windows (especially windows 8). I have learned how to be much more proficient with it, but to be fair I did mark my Mac with a sticker of tux eating the apple logo.

Now, for more tech-related posts.


Back to Ubuntu

Let it be known that I have come full circle on my development machine as far as operating system goes. I am now running Ubuntu 12.04 Desktop LTS, but with one minor difference, I am running a non-default kernel. I am running version 3.4-Precise Generic Kernel built with the direct kernel source, only using Ubuntus configuration during build. Here is the list of kernels available:

(Note: I am once again fairly satisfied with my setup, there are a few bugs with Unity that I am unliking of. But not half as bad as my first dance with it. As expected, with time, the LTS is showing much strength.)

The reason for this is for better btrfs support, which is also the file system of choice for this setup. All 3 of my 640-GB SATA drives are in a RAID-1 configuration for both data and metadata. With the upcoming release of btrfs support for RAID-5 and RAID-6 I will be re-striping my HD to be at RAID-5 level I once was, but with the non-hardware btrfs file system.

The only major pain I had discovered while setting up Ubuntu was installing eclipse. This was not at fault of eclipse, but at Java for being removed from the repository. There are a handful of solutions to fix this problem, but the best/easiest for me was to download the Java *.deb files from the Debian repository through the website directly, and install them by hand. After this was completed, everything ran smoothly! I even now (once again) have an android development environment setup and working well.

I do hope to dive into btrfs user-tools in the future to allow time-travel like applications for directories, but this is nothing more than a pipe-dream as my current projects are far more prominent and feasible.

Sup?, Where ya been?

I haven’t posted much on here recently, it looks almost like I have given up coding altogether! Where actually it is quite the contrary! I have been very busy, almost too busy to be posting. Which is where a majority of the delay comes from. So there will be a quick flurry of posts to get some good nuggets out there before I call it a night tonight.

Just an FYI, I have taken a week off from my day-job to work on my programming projects during the what-would-be work hours. I have two projects (much related to one another) that are coming together very nicely. It is nothing I am willing to throw out into the public just yet, but in the next several posts you will get a glimpse at some of the code behind it!

Stay tuned!