Internet Neutrality: Corporate Communism

In response to user comments on this article about the loss of internet neutrality:

Harold, I see your argument, and do agree to some extent… but the way you explain some of the technology approaches seem slightly incorrect. Please let me explain:

The first remark is that I understand you to be is assuming an HD television broadcast consumes your data allocation. I do not believe this to be the case. Television signals travel down the same wire, yes, but they exist in a different frequency inside that cable. Meaning that your internet and television are isolated from one another. Here is somewhat simplified explanation of what I mean:

Let’s say though, that you’re $5 movie is coming from Netflix, Hulu, or what-have-you. Then yes that is a digital download, exists inside of your internet allocation, and will consume that data. This is no longer a Comcast problem, because you didn’t hand them the $5 for pay-per-view, you paid someone else that is delivering it to you through the internet. It will consume a portion of your allocated bandwidth.

Now, to continue with this bandwidth statement. Lets say you are downloading a giant bit torrent of files, your bit torrent will consume a large portion of your data because depending on how many peers you are seeding from or to will has it’s own persistent connection. This meaning that if the router is trying to level data across all open connections, then your one bit torrent download could have +20, whereas your netflix streaming would be 1 or maybe 2. Your netflix gets a much smaller slice of the pie. Is this Comcasts problem in this scenario? No, you are using your data bandwidth that you purchased in irresponsible ways. If you wanted your netflix to perform well, then you should throttle your bit torrent downloads.

For clarity, Comcast wouldn’t open another “virtual pipe” to accommodate this frivolous usage. They are currently throttling your overall throughput down to 20 mbps (or whatever your plan is set to). Many ISPs, on business services will offer “burst” allowances, where if you get a sudden surge in traffic, the ISP won’t begin throttling you down for a period of time. This, as stated is mostly found in business services, so that the business can better server their client.

Also, in either case. There should be very little reason why packets would start dropping. Even under a heavy load. Unless your internet was completely saturated and you started getting packet timeouts. You shouldn’t be dropping packets just because the going gets slow. If this was the case, it would be because your hardware is not performing like it should. Bad connection, interference, poor firmware, bad drivers, etc.

The real concern behind this article, is that it would allow ISPs to play mafia in the internet. They use the example of toll ways on freeways, but I think it could get much uglier than a dirt road.

Imagine you live in a neighbor hood, controlled by an ISP. They are the only ISP that services your area, so you must pay them to get around (on the internet). If they disapprove of you visiting Netflix, because THEY offer movie rental services too. Well they would individually throttle down your single connection(s) to netflix whenever you attempt to watch that movie. Eventually you will get pissed and go buy it somewhere else…. Like directly from you ISP! Netflix did nothing wrong, their internet bandwidth was plenty fine, they had ample room for you, and was accommodating in any way they could. Your ISP, overseeing your activity discriminated against Netflix, and without your discretion or knowing provided you a bad experience to help steer you into a direction they want you to go.

This sort of power could change everything from spending down to elections. You steer your users to only the data you want them to access by putting up barriers to the places that you don’t want them to see. I’m rarely viewed as an extremest when it comes to political matters. But this could be used as a form of corporate communism, the most dangerous part of it is because the end user could be completely oblivious to the happenings that are going on.

Time constrained

It seems as of recently I have been very pressed for time. This isn’t stressing me out, as I am making progress in many lights of my works, but all the same I feel some places are begining to show signs of neglect.

  • Facebook… Which, I could really care less if people start wondering why I haven’t posted about “Whats on your mind?” recently.
  • (much) More importantly this blog. I have a list of things I want to post about, but haven’t had a lot of time to sit down and write a few good posts (I have been too busy writing code)
    • Here is a list of items I wish to blog about (for letting you know what *might* be coming, and also so I don’t forget)
      • Mercurial
        • My new love:Everything I wanted to keep from SVN, everything I wanted stability in with bazaar.
        • Converting to
          • Convert, with filemap
          • With google code projects
          • With personal SVN projects
      • Kiln
        • Mercurial’s best friend, and should be yours too. In this post I will explain why.
        • Using kiln with your projects
      • FogBugz (haven’t used it much yet, but it’s part of the package)
        • My work currently uses VersionOne, I will compare the two and tell you why I wish to convince my boss to switch.
  • Some projects, and getting them done and out-the-door
  • Updates about what I have been doing
    • Projects recently released
  • Oh so much more that I don’t currently have processing in the conscious side of my brain.

Search for the better web browser

I have grown sick of FireFox, there are a few quirks in it that really annoy me some.

So I figured I would switch to Opera, yet I have noticed subtle areas that show Operas lacking of maturity.

I will not go back to IE.

I refuse to try safari, simply because every time I have used a mac, I have lothed it.

I have tried Chrome when it first came out, and now perhaps I will give chrome a second round, just as long as I can install a download accelerator instead of the built in one that pisses me off to no end. I am installing it now, and perhaps this time I will be a little more open to change and see how well it works for me. I will let you know.

My next dream computer:

I am very intrigued with the concept of tablet computers. I do not have an immediate use for a touch/stylus screen enable PC, as I am a computer programmer… But just the fact that I think it would be a ‘fun’ idea makes it all worth the money.

So what would/will my computer of the future look like?




Well I am thinking a cross between the ASUS Eee Slate  and the Eee Pad Transformer TF101.

I need the docking keyboard on the tablet, this is why I have not bought the slate that is out there now. The added battery life, additional ports,  ‘laptop-mode’ for the tablet makes it such an attractive device! Perhaps a bit more flexability of it too. As in have the keyboard able to be attached on the backside of the tablet, as to be used simply for additional ports and battery. Then regular laptop mode as for keyboard use and can close to protect screen. Then lastly detachable to be just a tablet by itself, for the lightweight-covert ops.

I like the option for the stylus, as because I know how clumsy using a finger can be. I am no artist, but the ability to sketch on a tablet is quite alluring.

I want the power and desktop OS of the Eee Slate. I would like the option to triple-boot this device, have windows for the windows development, Linux, and android OS for the true ‘tablet-mode’.

How about specs?

  • Preferably I would like to see an Ivy Bridge i5/i7
    • At least a second gen. sandy bridge intel i5 or i7
  • At least 160 GB SSD
  • At least 4 GB RAM
  • Display Port/HDMI out.
  •  All the rest of the bells and whistles that the current slate has.

Price tag?


I would say that is a reasonable price tag considering there will be several technological advancements before this device can be made that will help drive down the price of current hardware.

Release Date?

Ideally: Q1, 2012

But since Ivy Bridge still has to be commercially released, I would guess this would push the release back a bit, so:

More realistically Q2 or Q3 of 2012

A month? What happened to regular updates??

I know, put the cone hat of shame on me.. I haven’t been updating my blogs as regularly as I should… So what excuse do I have?? … hmm… well the only one I can come up with at the moment is that I dont own an ergonomic keyboard…. yeah, thats it! No comfort, no bonus typing.

Actually on a more serious note I think it is more of more work focus and less documentation focus. This is the culprit of many programmers, as there is a ton of good code, but only good practice of documenting will make that code useful to others. I know this isn’t very applicable to blog posts, but I feel that it also is a tie to motivation, and also getting in the habit of explaining what I have been up to and working on is an analog of sorts to documentation. So tonight I have spent some time organizing and rearranging my other blogs, also I want to score some points back by saying that I have been doing a good job of getting into the habit of adding comments upon SVN commits, SOOoo THERE! 🙂

Alright, I’m sure all of my readers (none) are interested in what I have been working on. It has obviously NOT been the zombie application, and although I did want to turn that into a mature application, I really never had a scope or true vision for it, besides ‘just because’ and a fun challenge. I know I have fallen victim to that sort of abandonment before, before you start throwing rotten vegtables at me, I would like to explain my newest product.

Yes I used the word product, but service or web application works just as well. The only reason I am blogging about this is because technically the website is in ‘alpha’ stage and is live without a domain lock… The reason for this is because I partook in a forum game of sorts called the “Progress Accountability Thread” where you post a goal, and supposedly everybody else on that forum will hold you to what your goal is… sort of like a motivation community, they expect you to get done, and will criticize you if you don’t! I feel that my motivation was pretty stable before signing up to this thread, but in all honesty it did help me get started on working maybe two nights… which is enough for me to say that is a substantial amount of help.

So quit stalling, what is it? Well it’s a website called It is a website designed to build an online community of palm readers, and palm submitters. To help clear the water, let me explain:

  1. A person freely signs up and into my site.
  2. They then take a picture of the palm of their hand.
  3. Using my website, they upload the picture.
  4. Once uploaded they will submit the picture for anybody in the website community to try and ‘read’ what they think the palm ‘means’
  5. The original submitter will then go through and vote on what they think the most accurate palm reading is.
  6. They then have the option to give feedback to the winning palm reader.

Now the winning palm reader earns a point and the optional feedback… eventually the really good palm readers will rise to the top and have high scores. From there, they can choose to charge for their professional palm reading skills. Because of their high amount of positive feedback and high votes, the potential customer will be reassured that if they pay for a reading, it will be of some worth.

Now anybody that signs up to the website can both submit and read other peoples palms, depending on what you prefer to do, it is up to you!

So where does this website sit as far as progress, what does ‘alpha’ mean? Well, I am still working on some core features, them being a few security holes (nothing to get your account stolen, just to ensure data is entered fairly), and a few more of the core functionality. These core items include: webcam support, as so it is much easier to submit pictures; user profile information, so people can view other peoples score and informaiton; and leader boards, so people can see who ranks higher as far as readers go. Honestly the leader board thing was added just now.. but it is a very important aspect that will have to be added eventually.

I have just reposted on the “Progress Accountability Thread” that I would have leader boards, webcam, and user profile pages by the end of this weekend. A fairly big push.. but I think I can manage. This does not mean beta, but instead it means one step closer to beta! Beta will come when I think the aesthetics are bearable, and I have all core features implemented, AND all of my known security holes patched. At that point beta will be declared and I will drop the link on facebook and start pushing it to be used by friends and family 🙂 … potential marketing too.. can’t forget the marketing!

One last note to keep in mind.. If there are actually any human readers to my site, that HAVE made it this far down with reading my huge blog post AND are actually willing to try my PalmTell site… Please keep in mind that durring the alpha stage, user account information will be subject to corruption or disappearing. There is still a bit of active database work that is happening behind the scenes.. and sometimes it is easier to just upload a new DB from scratch than try to convert the current database. Although I am working and shifting this practice to instead force myself to deal with live work (to prep for the future) sometimes it is inevitable. Don’t worry too much. If I do see user sign-ups I will most likely do everything in my power to preserve them accounts just because users are very exciting, and I don’t want to discourage anybody from coming back! 🙂

Ok, not to focus on more HTML, PHP, and MySQL

Update hopefully soon!


Song of the minute “I Got It By: Gorilla Zoe ft. Big Block”

Now you have me curious!

Ok, so all of this talk about a new project.. and dedicated time.. and secrecy. I’m sure you are just on the edge of your seat with anxiety! Well let me say again here that I do not have another Zombie update, nor will I disclose what the other project is… But I am making progress on it with leaps and bounds. I have 3 of the 6 elements almost all of the way complete now. “But you said you were half way done last time??” yeah I did say that, but the majority of work that I did was figuring out user authentication (hint: user accounts!)… But now that the large technical hurdles are out of the way, laying down this additional code is more of a trivial practice. So production is well underway! I have been fixing many bugs and adding even more features. I think my best option would be to add both a survey, and a report bug feature on the product when it reaches the rickety, yet functional state.. I will then throw the beta label on it and throw it to the masses. Back to the grind stone. No sleep tonight! I am gonna pump out a bit more code and then head up to work… to do more code pumping! 🙂 love life.

Song of the minute “Whiskey Hangover by: Godsmack”

“What’s up man?”

Let me just start out by saying although I understand that all of you eagerly look forward to reading my blog (‘all of you’ consisting mostly of spam bots), I would like to state that I would like to be able to post more often for you. I am not neglecting this blog for the sake of torturing my readers or for lack of care. Because I do care, I have just been swamped with my day-job work. A two man team was dropped to a one man team when one of the lead developers quit and moved to the east coast. Well lets just say that when he left, he didn’t take the work that he was responsible for with him… Although he does maintain some of the open source libraries that he developed for the project, it isn’t the same not having that wing-man there during regular business days… So long story short, I have to work A LOT of overtime, ergo: very little personal time.

I will be upfront when I tell you that I have not developed on the Zombie application in some time. I will also say that it has been due to a lack of interest with other things distracting me. But to my defense the Zombie application was not a bread winner idea. It was strictly for fun and for show. I also did mention on earlier blog posts that I had a new idea and that idea I would be developing side-by-side with the Zombie applicaiton.

I will not disclose what this new idea is just yet, because I fear that this being the world wide web it will get discovered by someone browsing my blog for content (and not to just drop off spam) and (not so much steal) but parody my idea into their own… not cool. I have talked the idea over with family and friends, I would say there is a 70% acceptance rate which is ok but I believe that I am losing the other 30% because of poor conceptual conveyance. So how do you solve that issue?? Well you make the product of course!

My initial idea for a bread-winning website would indeed win bread, the only problem is there are many advanced technical hurdles that I would have to overcome for it to be successful… but as to not completely abandon the idea, I have devised a much simpler variant that I am in active development of. This trimmed application is not so much a bread winner, but more of… a cupcake winner, yet still worth pursuing. I have invested more than 4 straight days (spanned out of course) of development time on this project, and I am glad to say that I am very pleased with the progress. I do believe that with another 96 hours (4 days) worth of work I should have a semi-stable beta application that will be ready for initial dissemination. I do believe that the majority of the major technical challenges have been overcome and now it is just a matter of coding time before the project is tied together.

Again, I am sorry for the vagueness but until I reach beta-dissemination point I don’t want to broadcast the idea behind a currently vapor-ware product.

Talk to you later;



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