Desktop Online

So I have a new idea, it is an online desktop where you can organize files visually very much similar to a regular desktop except through a web browser.

I was kinda inspired by this idea after working in google docs and being able to drag and drop a picture from my desktop right into the document. Also Picasa uses the same technology (imagine that!) for uploading pictures.

Thinking of possibilities for this application it seems like quite a simple idea (which I say for every project), but would be modular in a way that you could drag and drop to a variety of backend repositories. Some of these would include: Google docs, Dropbox, an FTP server, and perhaps a network drive or a remote computer (with additional software of course).

This would be an extensive project, but I think the idea is solid and would be very useful to extend upon existing cloud file sharing, archiving, synchronizing technologies that present current data in lists of directories and files. This would simply allow for a more intuitive method of organization.

Will I pursue this project? Probably not, that is unless Google, or Dropbox called me up and asked me to. Then sure!

Edit: It now exists, welcome