As of recent I have been playing with my Rpi, and it has brought me to a curious decision. It is a pain to constantly shift code from my laptop to the pi for a quick test, them make adjustments and try again. Mercurial is great, allowing me to push and pull changesets all over the place… but I feel that I have reached the point in my life where I must learn the “Vim”.

I have maintained this personal joke about myself that I am not a “true programmer” until I learn python. Interestingly enough, the Raspberry Pi was introduced and thus held my hand (and mental reasonings) into the world of python. Along with that experience I am now met with this need/desire to learn the ‘Vim’s… So with thus, for my Pi projects¬†on-forth¬† Vim will be my editor of choice.

I will teach myself Vim the same way I taught myself to type… brute force.