One week with Karma Go

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Okay, it hasn’t quite been a week… but about 5 and half days, close enough to write about it!IMG_20151113_224641295

I own two Karma Go’s. One is literally mounted to my living room wall. The other is packed into a carry pouch with a small USB jumper cable to an Anker portable battery pack.


While the default rated 5hrs of battery life is decent on it’s own I’ve calculated the duo to reach somewhere close to 45 hours of continuous use. Seems a bit extreme, but I’m doing a trial run with my Android phone to see how little mobile data I can use and instead piggyback off of the karma.

The Screenshot_2015-11-16-12-45-38majority of the places I go, I bring my backpack. Whether it be via car or motorcycle. If I can lower my celldata usage, and instead stick with the Neverstop for my all-around data, then I’ll drop my T-Mobile plan from the Unlimited at $80/mo to something closer to the pay as you go for $3/mo + any extra data pack.



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