Time constrained

It seems as of recently I have been very pressed for time. This isn’t stressing me out, as I am making progress in many lights of my works, but all the same I feel some places are begining to show signs of neglect.

  • Facebook… Which, I could really care less if people start wondering why I haven’t posted about “Whats on your mind?” recently.
  • (much) More importantly this blog. I have a list of things I want to post about, but haven’t had a lot of time to sit down and write a few good posts (I have been too busy writing code)
    • Here is a list of items I wish to blog about (for letting you know what *might* be coming, and also so I don’t forget)
      • Mercurial
        • My new love:Everything I wanted to keep from SVN, everything I wanted stability in with bazaar.
        • Converting to
          • Convert, with filemap
          • With google code projects
          • With personal SVN projects
      • Kiln
        • Mercurial’s best friend, and should be yours too. In this post I will explain why.
        • Using kiln with your projects
      • FogBugz (haven’t used it much yet, but it’s part of the package)
        • My work currently uses VersionOne, I will compare the two and tell you why I wish to convince my boss to switch.
  • Some projects, and getting them done and out-the-door
  • Updates about what I have been doing
    • Projects recently released
  • Oh so much more that I don’t currently have processing in the┬áconscious┬áside of my brain.

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