It’s about DAMN TIME!

*Wiping dust off keyboard before starting to type*

Well it has definitely been awhile before my last update, and almost a month from the last time I published an application update. Sorry for the delay, as I had said earlier that my transition to a fully Linux system has been quite the challenge with the hardware that I am using at the moment. I wont go into detail with all that here, I suppose I better discuss it elsewhere though… So in the next few days if you visit where I will most likely get around to updating what the heck I’ve been up to. But for now, lets just say I was ‘on vacation’ (I wish).

“Ahh, I see there is a new application release on the side menu.” you say; “Why, yes there is! Let me tell you about the new features!” I reply …

Unofficial Changelog:

  • Added directional sprite movement changes
  • On top of that I added 3 frame per direction frame-rate based animations.
  • Zombies are half as fast as Healthy ‘things’
  • Graphic for healthy ‘things’ was changed to Megaman
    • This is of course temporary graphics, I don’t actually plan on having Megaman battle Zombies (although it is a cool idea). I simply do not own the IP for Megaman, and don’t really feel like starting a battle with Capcom at the moment. The only reason I choose Megaman was because it was the coolest sprite sheet I came across after quickly browsing through a few.

“Soo… you’ve been gone for almost a month, and THIS is all you’ve come up with?!” you exclaim; “Not quite.” I reply…

Although I will admit I haven’t done much work on my ‘root’ projects recently, I did spend quite a few hours tonight working on a new feature that has yet to be added to the Zombie application. This feature is an auto-updater. I came across the idea when playing a little bit of Minecraft, as it’s whole application setup is downloaded and updated in a similar way. I have not fully settled on being comfortable with this approach… but so far, it does make some sense. If anyone is interested in the details of this approach by all means drop me a comment and I will go into further detail, but as for now I’m gonna leave it at that.

I actually have the auto-updater test application functioning, and functioning properly at that. I just have to polish it up a bit more and modify it to actually fit the Zombie application needs. It should actually be petty cool when I get it all the way done, because I should be able to use it for any project I might wanna make/use/distribute.

The only problem then is that I fear you will not return to the blog to read my posts 🙁 … You will simply run the application, it will automatically update, and you will see the latest version! Not much fun for me in that, now is there? Well maybe I will also do what Minecraft has done and but up a menu screen, and on this menu screen I will put a blog feed!! wooo! Everyone is happy 🙂 … We will see where it goes, or how much work it is.


Song of the minute “Gotta Get It (Dancer) by: Flo Rida”