Where have you been?!

Well some people have asked for an update, and I don’t blame them… I haven’t updated in awhile. But it isn’t because of laziness or loss of interest. I haven’t posted because I have not had a computer connected to the internet for the upwards of a week. I have been trying to transition to a full Linux PC, and I have done so… But I sold the mini laptop that was doing all of my network routing thinking that I could do without, or come up with a new way of routing…. Not so! As of now I am waiting for a Linux compatible USB wifi adapter to come so I can once again connect to the internet and become productive! You would be amazed at how blocked productivity becomes when internet is out of the question. I tell you what though, I have been getting in a lot more sleep! Sleep is nice, and I am considering this stint of no connectivity as a vacation.. but sooner or later (when UPS decides to deliver my packages) I will come back from ‘vacation’ and get some more work and updates done!

Song of the minute: “Headstrong by: Trapt”